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Managing Director

Khathutshelo Nephiphidi

N.Dip : Industrial Engineering , Vaal University Of Technology ;BTech: Industrial Engineering (VUT); BTech: Quality, University of Johannesburg, Management Advancement Programme, Wits; Masters in Engineering Management , UJ; Lean Six Sigma Black belt, Training Leadership Consulting. Khathutshelo has more than

11 years of work experience in construction and manufacturing sector. I have an excellent reputation of driving overall operational excellence using continuous improvement methodology (Lean six sigma). Khathutshelo has held following position Industrial Engineering, Business Process Engineer, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Principal Continuous Improvement Manager, Special process Expert at Railway sector. He is currently appointed as Business Process Optimization Consultant at a Financial services sector.

He is passionate about embedding Operational Excellent culture in the mindset of people to ensure that organization or institution work more efficient and effective. My focus is to prioritizes the growth, well being, and empowerment of people with the main objective of creating stable work or learning environment that enables everyone to thrive as their authentic self.

Director Quote

“Direction is so much more important than Speed. SOME ARE GOING NOWHERE FAST.”

“1% must not collapse 99% ready execution plan”

Khathutshelo Nephiphidi Process Improvement Africa Director

Mission, Vision & Value Proposition

Committed in providing a clear problem solving methodologies to deliver on time solution to customers by eradicate all operational inefficiency

To empower all our client with mindset of achieving consistence operational excellence in their area of specialisation.

Deliver solutions which are practical

All seasons are perfect - Accurate & Precise

  • Transparent - Ensuring that all that we do for customer is visible
  • Respect - Making sure that everyone’s view is respected all the time
  • Agile - Just in time respond to customers
  • Quality focus - Efficient processes
  • Simplicity - Provide easy solution and simple processes
  • Empowerment - Skills transfer
  • Professionalism - Trusted advisor

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